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  Control and Automation Systems

Design - Manufacture - Supply - Service


With over 30 years in the industry we have developed a reputation as the leading designer, builder and supplier of automated systems. As an OEM, we utilize equipment from most major manufurers of PLCs, HMIs, motors, pumps, valves, instruments, MCCs, VFDs, etc.


Accusoft Services Corporation provides automation solutions for:


  • refineries

  • pipelines

  • gas plants 

  • power generation

  • crane position control and load management

  • mining

  • forestry 

  • food & beverage

  • robotics

  • hydraulic controls and positioning systems

  • warehouse facilities

  • and other industrial applications

from concept to completion
Accusoft designs and supplies control panels, operator stations, hydraulic positioning systems components including, motors, tanks, valves, pumps, and anything your production environment needs. We can provide turnkey manufacturing to fabricate your modular platforms to your exact specifications.

Control Panels

  • Control Panel Design & Fabrication

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Design & Fabrication

  • Control schematics for SWGR, MCC ETC.

  • PLC layout and control schematics

  • Conduit and cable schedules

  • Termination and wiring diagram for JB, SWGR, etc.

  • Installation details

HMI Dashboards


  • Dedicated data center HMI & client dashboards

  • PLC Programming

  • HMI Design & Graphic Development

  • Energy management systems

  • Power system monitoring & controls

  • Safety system monitoring & evaluation

  • Work order management

  • Load preservation & restoration

  • UPS system monitoring & control

  • Distributed redundancy & high availability

  • Real-time system reliability assessment

  • Critical infrastructure failure mode & effects analysis

  • Blending and metering stations

  • Piping & instrument calibration

  • Leak & leak detection

  • Product usage reporting

  • Batch application

  • Continuous process application

  • Environmental protection and  montioring systems

  • Truck loading & unloading facilities

  • Dangerous chemicals handling systems, monitoring and leak prevention systems



Hydraulic Stations

Blending & Metering Platforms 

Crane & Positioning Systems

Brewery Filler & Bottling Lines


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